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Portrait Sessions:

Mini sessions (30-45 min) - $150

Mini sessions are great for kiddos who can't sit still and you just want some quick, nice photos of them! As a former Gymboree Play & Music Instructor, I understand the struggle as a parent and enjoy playing with your little ones to make the experience fun and active.

Mini sessions are also great for quick formal portraits, corporate headshots, mini themed sessions (Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Back to School)

Yields average of 30-100 photos


Portrait Session - $250

Time block 1-2 hours for groups 1-10 people, 3 hour block for 10+ people

I'd love to help capture the spirit of your family, children, birthday milestones, graduations, boudouir, home sessions and more! If you have a specific idea you need help bringing to life, email me and we can chat about it. 

Yields average 100+ photos


Full Service Portrait Session - $650:

5 hours

3 hours shoot time (allows 2-3 outfit changes for individual or couple) 

Airbrush make up + hair styling for 1 person (can add on for multiple)

5 hours total with makeup & hair for 1 person


Engagement Sessions:

Suggestion allow 4 hours or break up locations over 2 days in 3 hour increments

Engagement sessions might feel intimidating but they are my favorite opportunity to capture the softer, less formal side to relationships that don't always come through in the bustle of the day of the wedding. I would love to be a part of your new chapter and document your engagement. I welcome all outfit changes, locations, and ideas! **Bonus - check out my add-ons if you'd like me to custom make your Save the Date mailers with your engagement photos!


Quick & To the point - $350:

2 hours

Don't want to waste a lot of time and kind of want to just get some good photos and be done? No worries! I can make this quick and effortless for you! Two hours may seem like a lot, but I need some time to break the ice and get you comfortable in front of the camera while exploring our location. 


Standard Engagement Session - $600:

4 hours

This is a perfect time to choose some different locations, allow for driving time if needed, outfit changes, and capture your relationship with leisure while keeping it low pressure for you. I understand that this could be intimidating and I am here to help you every step of the way. If you have 2 locations in mind that are father apart than a quick 5 minute drive/short walk, or vastly different landscapes (city & country) I suggest adding 2 hours onto this package on the same day or splitting the locations up over 2 days.


Full Service Service Engagement Session - $950:

8 hours

6 hours of shooting time, included in this package is multiple locations and outfit changes. This can be broken up over 2 days. Hair and/or make up for bride (2 hours additionally) as well as help with outfit choices if needed. I've got an eye for detail and would be happy to go shopping with you, or help raid your closet for the perfect outfits!


Bridal Portraits - $650

3 hours

This includes hair and makeup, if preferred. You would need to ensure wedding venue or church is available beforehand if you would like to take photos there. Looking for a more natural and open space? Check below for my add on to go to my family ranch. 5 hours total with hair and make up. This can be before or after your big day.



Bride & Groom Getting Ready - $350

Looking for a low cost way to capture your wedding without hiring a full team for the entire event? Pre-wedding festivities is a perfect intimate way to have fun with your photos, get the details of your outfits, wedding party, and enjoy the rest of the day. I can work between the bride and groom parties and make sure you get all you are looking for!


50 guest or less - $1,500

50 guests or less is manageable by myself. This includes ceremony and reception + wedding details like flowers, rings, accessories and portraits. With weddings, I cannot offer airbrush makeup or hair if you choose to include "Getting Ready"  sessions before the ceremony. 

51-150 guests - $2,500

I will need to hire a second photographer for larger weddings due to the space and amount of people present. This includes ceremony and reception + wedding details like flowers, rings, accessories and portraits. With weddings, I cannot offer airbrush makeup or hair if you choose to include "Getting Ready"  sessions before the ceremony. 

151+ guests - $3,000

Depending on the space and amount of people, I might need to hire a 3rd photographer to assist on your day. This is to ensure we can manage the crowd, venue, and special moments together. With weddings, I cannot offer airbrush makeup or hair if you choose to include "Getting Ready"  sessions before the ceremony. 


Per Hour - $175

Are you a having a concert, hosting a anniversary/birthday party, or having a baby shower? I'd love to be there with you! Let's chat about your next event and what type of memories you'd like to capture.


Product Photography:

$100 per product

Includes clean product photos from various angles and detail close-ups. I have worked as a product photographer for 3 years now with a jewelry company.

Lifestyle Photography

Showcase your product being used as a way to engage customers, launch new products, and increase conversion rate. 

Airbrush Make up - $100

Doing your own makeup can be overwhelming and sometimes we never get it just right. I can help you look flawless and feel confident! Airbrush make up is sweat resistant, stays for hours, and makes your skin tone even. I love making my clients feel their best with a custom makeover suited for the photoshoot we are doing! *can include false eyelashes upon request. To see a session for which I did makeup visit this link.

Hair - $60

Curly, straight, up or down - I can make it happen! Show me your hair inspiration and we can tame the fly-aways and get you model ready. Best to come air dried with a little mousse applied when wet. 

Location Scouting - $30

Unsure of where to take photos, but have an idea and want to make sure it will work? Is it a brand new place or specific venue? Let's look together to get our ideas in place so your photoshoot uses the time effectively! Let's chat, and if I've been there before we might not have to go together.

Outfit Shopping - $50

I get it. Shopping can be frustrating when you don't have a friend or relative in town to do it with you. Never fear! I'd love to bond and come with you to shop for the perfect outfits, or raid your closet together. Need some ideas? Stay away from loud patterns. Keep it simple with solid colors, plaid, and 2 tone patterns. Layers are great! Don't overthink it. I am here to help you!

Save the Date Mailers or Holiday Cards - $200

My background is graphic design. I can create a custom Save the Date postcard for you with your engagement photos to mail to friends and family! We can get as creative as you want. Includes 3 options + 2 editing rounds. Printing is not included and is dependent on amount needed. I can suggest places to print, or print for you and mail directly to you *will be additional cost.

Calligraphy - $75 

Let me cover all the bases and address & mail your Save the Dates for you! I do custom calligraphy for you mailers and invitation envelopes. Send me your envelopes for invitations; I'll address and send back for you to mail out.  Ranch/Private Land - $150

If you would like something more intimate, secluded, and spacious for your photo session I'd like to offer my family's ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The rolling hills give a great backdrop, and we all know there is nothing like a Texas sunset. To view photos taken on the property check out this engagement session. Cost covers accessibility to land, does not include photoshoot costs. 45 minutes - hour from Austin, just between Horseshoe Bay, Texas and Llano, Texas.

Photographer Location(s) Travel Fee 

From South Austin*

0-30 miles = Free

31+ miles = $1.10 per mile traveled*

         *will not apply to location services add-ons

Want to take me out of state? Pay for my transportation & hotel and we can make a deal! I love traveling.


Are you a fellow artist or maker? I'll always welcome a partial barter, let's talk! Otherwise, keep an eye out on my Facebook page for holiday specials and mini session deals.


You are welcome to mix and match sessions together with add-ons. Dependent on how much you choose, total cost can be discussed. 

Day Of

Things happen. In the event of an emergency, client can communicate the option to reschedule at no charge within 24 hours of scheduled session. No shows will be invoiced for full amount. If we go over the time allowed, half the hourly fee will be charged starting after 15 minutes over time. 

Temperature: If it is terribly hot or humid (thank you, Texas), let's choose locations indoors with great natural lighting. We don't want your make up running or clothes soaked through. 

Posing: Check out this link for a great overview of why I will instruct you during the shoot, so you know what to expect. 

Clothing: Don't wear loud patterns. Chose solid colors, light layers, or two toned patterns or plaids 

Location: Choose something that makes sense for you! Whether it's somewhere personal or you want to catch that perfect sunset, do some research or chat with me.